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 Jacksonville real estate investment firm Corner Lot was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2009. Since then, it has emerged as one of the premier Florida real estate investment firms. Our extensive investing knowledge and our exceptional ability to cultivate and sustain personal and profitable relationships with our investors has positioned Corner Lot as one of the most trusted real estate investment firms in the state of Florida.

In 2012, Corner Lot closed over 500 real estate investment transactions for private and institutional investors. Through sound real estate investing and capital preservation, Corner Lot has grown into a successful, multi-company enterprise outfitted to handle every aspect of the real-estate investment process.

Property acquisition, custom home design and construction, property management and general contracting are just a few of the services provided by our family of companies. Our investors build wealth working with us because of what we call our “Unique In-House Advantage”. Corner Lot’s family of companies work together and each provides an important and valuable service. We offer investors the chance to benefit from our wholesale pricing as well as our ability to handle every detail of a real estate investment opportunity.

Corner Lot Companies. Real Estate Investing, Simplified.

Long gone are the days when every facet of investing in a property had to be outsourced.  Corner Lot has changed the face of real estate investing by creating an opportunity to work with their experienced team of professionals capable of handling everything for their investors from start to finish.

Through sound investment strategies, Corner Lot has seen unprecedented growth and has established itself as a leading real estate investment firm in the state of Florida. So, whether you are a savvy investor looking for another great investment or new to the real estate investing game, come find out why our “Unique In-House Advantage“ will provide you with a tremendous opportunity to build wealth.

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Message From The CEO

“At Corner Lot, our commitment to each and every one of our clients has been and always will be about building strong, positive relationships. We pride ourselves at being able to provide sound and comprehensive real estate investment services that meet each distinct need of our private and institutional investors.

Our position as the premier real estate investment firm in the state of Florida gives us the unique advantage to work with a wide array of investors, developers and institutions. Our focus on constantly adapting to an ever-changing real estate environment and expertise in utilizing our market knowledge has given Corner Lot the ability to present our clients with tremendous investment opportunities.

That being said, the team here at Corner Lot welcomes you to read more about how we can incorporate our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, our successful investment strategies and your specific financial goals to build you wealth today and for many years to come.”

- Andy Allen, CEO 

“Understanding yesterday is vital for predicting tomorrow.”


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Utilizing longstanding market experience to benefit our clients, Corner Lot capitalizes on daily opportunities within Florida’s competitive real estate market. The real estate portfolios we manage, on average, outperform the equity markets. Our clients benefit from the limited risk exposure that comes with owning a tangible asset and Corner Lot excels at turning these assets into streams of recurring revenue.

Over the past 9 months the Florida real estate market has seen an enormous influx of institutional investors, including pensions and private-equity funds. Wall Street is next. Public REITs are gearing up to buy large quantities of single family residences. As market demand increases and inventories tighten, wise investors enjoy Corner Lot’s consistent, steady portfolio management.

The Corner Lot Way

The acquisition team monitors Florida’s ever changing real estate market. Our seasoned professionals search the supply of positive cash-flow producing properties focusing on neighborhoods indicating ample growth and a healthy rental market. Our bulk buying power and established banking relationships allow us to purchase many income-producing properties well below market value.

For many clients, Corner Lot provides financing assistance. We help investors obtain traditional mortgages, hard money loans, and in many cases we provide our clients in-house financing. After property acquisition, our full service construction team takes over. It is our strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that allow us to pass huge discounts onto our investors, ultimately increasing profitability.

The key step in providing this uniquely comprehensive, high-quality investment product are our property management services. First-rate property management takes the hassle out of owning rental properties. Our team places qualified tenants in managed rental portfolios, handling every detail involved. Rent collection, maintenance, legal proceedings, property marketing and even section 8 consulting. When our investors decide to sell an investment, we employ real estate agents who sell their properties at discounted rates.


MISSION STATEMENT: To provide our clients and employees with the educational tools, knowledge and resources they need to create income and preserve wealth through sound real estate investing.


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